Monday, April 13, 2009


We studied Israel in the Comparative Foreign Policy class.

Man, after watching a video on the establishment of Israel, I was nearly reduced to tears. Speechless.

I wondered how those bastards dared to seek sympathy from the world during the Holocaust and then started killing Palestinian to take the land the isrealis claimed theirs.

How on earth could the UN approved of the Israeli state? ( strings, jew money and Israel Lobbyist, etc)

There was one american guy in the class fired, "Zionism are evil."

Hitler did the right thing. Had he wiped some of those really fucked up jew people off the surface of the earth, the world would be a very nice place to live in.

Wish that I could say more, for they are more things to say, but that would perhaps invite further hatred, of which I had too much of it right now.


Just a reflection.

I believe education shouldn't be a competition. I believe that education shall not be a struggle of getting good grades.

No matter where you are, it comes, on how you are educated, to the teacher.

I used to study dynamics for fun, I adore the subject, for its elegance and usefulness. Now that I am actually taking it, man, it sucks big time. When a test has 3 questions for 100%, you virtually have no margin for errors. This is not how education suppose to be ( unless in malaysia, but then, thats the point of getting out of it!! haha).

To ease some of the disappointment, I worked on 2 sections of my paper. One on formalization of the space on which the functions and variables of importance are defined. The other on the existence of the integral, which resembles the Stieltjes Integral, which makes the job easier.

It is taking longer than I expected to get it done