Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I am now working on my final paper for comparative foreign policy class. In the paper, I shall be analyzing some policies deemed "foreign" employed my the Gov of Malaysia during the Asian 1997 economic crisis. In particular, I am investigating "Prosper-Thy-Neighbor" policies advocated by Tun Mahathir. There are some interesting conclusion, though I am not sure of its correctness, which I am all to be blamed.

My main result of this investigation is that "Prosper-Thy-Neighbor" policies between high performance ASEAN countries and low performance ones induce a Nash equilibrium.

This result is obtained by applying simple game theory to the issue that I am analyzing.

I am thinking of devising a more general proposition, but I have some idea on how it may sound.

Generalization of the first proposition: Implementation of "Prosper-Thy-Neighbor" policies in an asymmetric game will induce a Nash equilibrium.

I am still working on the paper and hopefully I get the math right.

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